Greek Soul Kitchen

Greek Soul Kitchen will be back soon with new branding & menu, in a new location! Look out for updates on our facebook page. Huge thanks!

About us

We combine traditional Greek flavours with a passion for tasty food. 

With 15 years of experience in fine dining and event planning and a life-long love for food and customer service, we know how to ensure your event is just how you want it!

Our values

Happy, satisfied customers!

Flavour above profit.

Supporting other local businesses.

Minimize environmental impacts where possible.

Keep working to improve the above!


Have you ever traveled off the beaten track and found yourself enjoying a meal as the locals prepare it for themselves…or been invited by a local family to dinner and experienced homemade Greek food..? 

This is what we are all about. Traditional, heart-warming food, made with the best ingredients and served with a smile. To remind of you of fond memories and to help you make new ones.

Whether at your event, your private function or your wedding Prepare to be reminded of the real Greek kitchen and hospitality.


Greek cuisine is full of healthy, flavourful meals with vegetarian and vegan dishes. This is why the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world. We believe many of the staple dishes of the Greek diet are not as famous as they deserve to be!

At the same time, people’s attitudes to food are changing. The British public are spearheading a global trend to reduce the environmental impact of their food and eating less meat and dairy is a powerful way to achieve that. 

Our vision is to reintroduce Greek cuisine to the UK. With vegetarian and vegan options and low-impact meats. With food that is healthy, wholesome and tasty. Good for your heart, good for your soul, good for our planet.

Sample Menus

We offer a variety of menus and are always happy to create a bespoke menu perfectly matching your preferences.